MomsGetReal™ Poet Extraordinaire Tammy Bartholomew

True fears

Locked deep inside

Some days

Run and hide

Stand for what we believe

Afraid to be put in our place

A deep scar

Left upon our face

Fear of being alone

Not knowing what to do

Someone not there to hold you

Your whole life through


You might have been replaced

Not knowing where you stand

In a moment you’re erased

Trust you have built

In the face of another

Knowing it to be broken

Crushed and uncovered

Your soul

Torn apart

When he said I have

No more love in my heart


From the day were born

Knowing when we leave

Our loved ones left to mourn

Sit in silence

Waiting the next move

Who’s will it be

Don’t know what to do


How this will end

This chapter over

How to live again