Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

Pregnancy is no reason to not travel! Especially with babymoons becoming popular these days. (Like a honeymoon, but a vacation before the baby is born). There are extra precautions that you want to take as a pregnant lady traveling, but it’s certainly not impossible. You’re pregnant for 9 whole months. If someone told me I had to spend that time sitting at home, I would cry.

When I was pregnant with my first, we did a week-long road trip across the country when I was about 5 months pregnant. It was a move, so not a true vacation, but still a lot of fun. For those planning on a road trip while pregnant, this is what I would suggest:

  • Make frequent stops.

I preferred stops every 2 hours to let me legs stretch, and hips sort themselves out, but honestly, it was up to my bladder. I think we stopped more frequently than that because I was constantly needing to pee. Fun times.

  • Keep toilet paper in the car.

As much as I want to tell you that there will be plenty of bathrooms along the way, this is not always true. You will encounter patches of no-man’s land, where the nearest bathroom is still 50 miles down the road. If you can hold it, awesome. For when you can’t, pull over to the side of the road and be glad you have toilet paper handy.

  • Stay hydrated.

No, this doesn’t help with the frequent stops, but you really want to stay hydrated. Don’t try to hold out for the sake of lasting longer in the car, because you’ll only make yourself miserable.

  • Have sunscreen.

It sounds odd, but I have burnt in the car before. When you’re spending consecutive hours facing the sun as you drive, your window isn’t going to protect you. If the sun is shining, wear sunscreen on your face, chest and arms especially.

  • Wear compression socks.

Compression socks are awesome for when you’re sitting for extended periods of time. It keeps the circulation moving and prevents aches and pains.

  • Keep lots of snacks.

You’ll want to stop at every delicious spot you see, but you’ll never get anywhere. Have lots of snacks available in the car that will keep your mind on the road and your energy levels up.

  • Don’t eat suspicious food.

Although new food is part of the excitement of travel, this is not the time to try a random Indian restaurant on the side of the road. Be safe with what you consume during your travels and save the adventurous tastes for your next trip when you aren’t pregnant.

  • Expect the road trip to take longer than google maps predicts.

Google maps will say one thing, but with your many pee stops and stretches, I would safely add at least 2 hours. Plan accordingly, and don’t cram too much driving into one day if you are making a long haul.

  • Opt for an accommodation with a pool.

At the end of a long day of driving, my favorite thing was to float around in a pool for a bit. Swimming in general is one of the best exercises for pregnant women, and when you’re stiff from a car journey, it feels so good on aching muscles and joints.

Obviously, don’t be traveling close to your due date, but otherwise, feel free to roam about. Most doctors will advise that you stay close at about 36 weeks, but that is still 8 months of exciting travel that you’re allowed to have. So where do you want to go?