You can win an awesome a special limited edition Topricin Junior “Boooo Boos Happen” trick or treat goodie bag

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This time of year, the kids are starting to get excited about all of the upcoming holidays. Most of them are also at risk for more injuries, whether from sports, playgrounds, dance classes, or other activities that have them stretching muscles other than their brains.

As the mother of an 8-year old dancer, I appreciate very much finding natural products that help relieve her muscle pain without exposing her to unneeded drugs and chemicals. That’s why we use Topricin Junior.

Topricin Junior works well for Anika. At night after dance class (1.5 hours of tap, jazz, and ballet), Anika comes home and uses a small amount of Topricin Junior to rub into her feet and legs. It takes away the ache without any odor or burn, keeps her from needing ibuprofen or other meds, and doesn’t use chemicals that easily absorb through the skin and into her blood stream.

The man behind the cream, Lou Paradise, answered some questions for MomsGetReal™ about Topricin Junior and the Topricin company philosophy:

MomsGetReal™ (MGR): Thanks for sharing information with us about Topricin Junior. As the mom of a dancer, I’m sold on the product, but why did you develop Topricin Junior?

Lou Paradise (LP): When it comes to pain relief there are many products marketed to parents and their children that are not safe or worse, can cause serious side effects. The perception that we can only get pain relief by taking oral pain medication puts everyone at unnecessary risk when we don’t know the dangers. When it comes to our nation’s children, this is unacceptable, as there are better choices and technology that guarantees every child can be safely treated for pain.

As a researcher of natural medicines and former pain sufferer it was both humbling and exciting to have discovered a way to formulate natural, regulated topical medicines to have the performance all of us are looking for, and the safety to match. That’s how Topricin pain relief and healing cream was born.

MGR: What makes Topricin Junior work?

LP: Our children are not “little adults,” they are “little people.  Consequently, “mini versions” of products made for adults, children’s acetaminophen or ibuprofen  are not appropriate for children as these chemicals may literally be hazardous to their health.  Strong margins of safety are called for in pediatric products—so the products we choose for our children should never contain the same chemicals compounds and/or doses formulated for adults.

Topricin Junior is a new, proprietary homeopathic formula that was designed to address the delicate nature of young and growing children, and provide effective yet gentle treatment for a wide range of childhood pain ailments.

It is specially formulated to address the safe and effective treatment of the aches, pains, bumps, bruises our little ones experience throughout childhood. We are delighted that pediatricians and doctors specializing in family medicine recommend Topricin Junior.

MGR: What are the applications of Topricin Junior?

LP: Topricin Junior treats a full spectrum of all the hurts/boo-boos and other more severe injuries a child may have.”  It is useful for relieving “growing pains,”—which occurs when the cells are in a bit of an overdrive.   It reduces pain when applied to an injection site following a shot or vaccination.  It relieves the body aches and pains of fever associated with the flu, allowing a productive fever to kill the virus that causes the flu. You should always let your doctor know when your child has a fever. When a child falls down, gets a bump, a bruise, a sports injury, a sprain, or a strain, Topricin Junior comes to the rescue. It’s also helpful for relieving the sting of bug bites and the discomfort of minor burns.  Keep it in the medicine cabinet, and take it on the road, so you can look forward to no more tears, and a better night’s sleep for everyone.

MGR: What else would you like to share with our readers about Topricin Junior?

LP: At Topical BioMedics, one of our primary missions is to support a “First do no harm philosophy.”  All Topricin products including Topricin Junior are regulated by the FDA as OTC medicine. We take our responsibility to meet and exceed the federal standard very seriously. The margin of safety for of products for our nation’s children must be uncompromised, after all shouldn’t that be the standard for all product manufacturers when making products for parents and their children?

We also subscribe to “Seventh Generation” sustainability.  It’s the philosophy that decisions should be considered for their impact not just for today, but for seven generations to come, and changing what is wrong today, right now, to benefit all the children of the future.

In the words of the Iroquois, who wrote this “Great Law,” the credo is:

“In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation… even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine.” 

Torpcin Junior was created for my children’s children and yours—and their children, and their children’s children, and so on and so on, with love from our generation to the Seventh…And beyond.

Thanks, Lou!!

You can win an awesome a special limited edition Topricin Junior “Boooo Boos Happen” trick or treat goodie bag

with a trio of Topricin products from MomsGetReal!

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