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Finding gifts for teens at Christmas is tough. The teens of this generation are living in a different world than did the 20- and 30-year olds of the Gen Y generation and the 30- and 40-year olds, commonly referred to as the Gen Xers. Generation Z is the first generation of kids to have grown up in a computerized world. They have never had to use an encyclopedia – Wikipedia has always been the one-stop answer shop. Information has always been instantly available, and so has entertainment. In such a world of instant gratification, buying gifts for this particular generation can be difficult. But we’ve collected together some of the top Christmas 2013 gift ideas for teens:


From iPods and cell phones to video games, you simply can’t go wrong if you opt to put electronics under the tree for your teen. Teens today do much of their socializing via apps, such as FaceTime and SnapChat, so you can bet an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad will appear on their letters to Santa. Of course, any such gift should come with the mental preparation of needing to monitor their usage and teach balance!


Noise-cancelling earphones or wireless Bluetooth speaker systems can accompany iPod gifts. You can easily put a smile on your teen’s face with the gadgets and accessories that make their electronics even more fun.

Fashion and Jewelry

Teens have an image to maintain, so clothes and jewelry can be a hit. And it’s not just girls at this age who focus on appearance; boys are trying to make their mark too. But don’t pretend to know what is fashionable for your teen. We recommend giving gift cards so they can select the styles best suited for them.

Music, Movies and Video Games

Teens may spend most of their time chatting with friends on their electronic gadgets, but they love music and movies too. From cinema gift certificates to the latest DVDs and video games, these gifts are a guaranteed hit.

Whatever you decide to get your teens for Christmas this year, one way to help kids this age embrace the holiday is to include them in the holiday festivities. By helping decorate the tree and by preparing the holiday meals, teens can stay involved. It’s also a great time to talk to your kids about holiday traditions.

Do you have ideas for holiday gifts for teens? Let us know!