Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

I’m a self-professed happy pregnant lady. I love being pregnant, and despite the aches and pains, I put on a positive face and move forward. Although, the first time I was pregnant there was no toddler to chase. That has changed things a bit for me.

I knew it would be harder. Hallie is an energetic child on a regular day. Slap on some morning sickness and a migraine and Houston, we have a problem.  At the same time, Hallie is a good girl. She loves to help, and I do what I can to capitalize on that. I’ve relied on these tricks for survival on the toughest days:

  • Local play groups – Use other children to entertain your child. Sure, you might have to interrupt a fight or two if sharing is hard that day, but it does offer some peace.


  • Make the toddler your helper – This only works if Hallie is agreeable, but most times she is. I ask Hallie to get everything from my water bottle to a diaper, and she usually even knows where my phone is.


  • Electronics – Hallie isn’t easily swayed by electronics, so it’s not often that I can convince her to sit and watch a show or movie. Normally I don’t mind, but when I’m super tired, it’s nice when I can get her to watch some music videos or animal sounds.


  • Bribes – Sometimes I’m just having a tough day and sharing my chocolate stash is worth a few moments of rest. I also try to keep favorite snacks around to entice her to sit for two seconds.


  • Make it someone else’s problem – Maybe grandparents can step in, or your significant other can take over for a few hours.


  • Join in naps – Not every mom can nap with their child, and I don’t a lot either. I mostly work while she sleeps, but there are days when I take advantage of the nap and lay down too.


  • Accept your fate – As a mom sometimes you have to suck it up and deal. I created this monster, and I’m creating another. This is when you must laugh through the misery and hope tomorrow is better.

I’m in the second trimester now, so things are getting easier. Still, there are moments when chasing my toddler is exhausting. I figure it’s just practice for when there are two little ones to contend with, and I really can’t wait.