Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

Oh man, what my Thursdays used to look like before becoming a mom. Now, I honestly don’t know what day it is most of the time. It all blurs into the same whirlwind of diapers and snacks and tantrums. Those pesky Facebook memories pop up, and all I can think about is what a baby I was and how I really should not have worn that outfit that night. This is the same Facebook feed I scroll through as I relish in the quiet of naptime, lounging in sweats and eating pudding and vanilla wafers.

  • #TBT to Thirsty Thursdays! Those college towns where every bar has a Thursday night special, and thirsty doesn’t mean your child asking for a drink in the middle of the night. Besides, could I even stay up that late if I tried?
  • #TBT to midterms and how you really shouldn’t have left that paper to the last minute, but here you are in the library at 2am writing something that is due Friday at 8am.
  • #TBT to playing hooky, from school or work, and hitting the beach with your friends. And you wonder what ever happened to that bikini, because you really liked it.
  • #TBT to the workplace, where everyone was talking about how excited they were for their weekend plans. Could you be talked into a Thirsty Thursday drink? Sometimes, but Friday was never as kind to you as it was in college.
  • #TBT to those early morning gym sessions! Before kids, you were hitting the gym or going for a run each morning to rise and shine. Now, you rise and shine to children’s feet in your face and pleas for cereal.
  • #TBT to sleeping in, because you didn’t always make it to the gym early. And there were absolutely no reasons to get out of bed until at least noon.
  • #TBT to actually doing my hair, my makeup, and getting dressed all in the same day. That trifecta is not one you see often anymore, not in my life.

If I even know what day it is, sometimes I can give Throwback Thursday some recognition. But as a mom, I’m just counting down the clock until bedtime, every day of the week. And I’m sure, when my little gremlin is grown, I’ll be TBT to the precious moments filled with snuggles and kisses. So I really try to enjoy these moments now, because there will be a Throwback Thursday that I’ll be longing for a messy house and noisy kids. That’s what I have to tell myself as my toddler screams and throws things at me. Hopefully this isn’t the moment I reminisce about.