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Poet Extraordinaire Tammy Bartholomew

A Snake

What explanation
My hero for life
Warrior and protector
Stabbing with a knife

Except you
Felt like a guest
Thinking our home
Your head a place to rest

Not the case

Stranger in our home

Not wanting to be

Left all alone
The perfect couple
Communication and all
We had problems
Never an order this tall

What the hell happened
Embarrassed by you
Our family and friends
What do I do

Pictures on the wall
Of people and places
Was believable
Now all empty faces

People ask me
Is he screwing around
Just kept denying it
You never making a sound

Covering your ass
Through the investigation
Knowing all along
The military implications

Fight for our country
Stand to the enemy
But you couldn’t even
Stand to tell me

I’m sure
Qatar was a joy
That’s when it started
You acted so coy
When did you
Have feelings for her
The ones you didn’t have
She being be a better lure

Was it after
The investigation
You got heavy
About our separation

Know what
Pisses me off the most
The idea you thought
This situation you could coast

Continue lying
To our family and friends
You didn’t care
If they trusted you again

It’s an excuse
A game not played well
At this moment
You can go straight to hell

Trying to save face
Probably my mistake
Lessons I’ve learned
Never trust a slimy snake