Getting Real With Tammy Bartholomew

Tug o’ War Princess

Tug o’ War

A child’s game

In divorce

Someone places blame

Manipulation is

How it starts

Some believing

Others end with broken hearts

Please don’t tug me

My daughter said in her quiet voice

Please don’t make me choose

I don’t want to have to make the choice

“I feel so guilty” she says

I say it’s not because of you

Repeat that every night

What else can I do

You don’t see the tears

Or the sadness in her face

When she says I want my daddy

Want to live at his place

Don’t want to hurt you mom

Don’t know where to go

Should I stay here

Or should I go

“Please don’t get a divorce”

What can I say

Never wanted it

To end up this way

We both love you

With all our heart

How do you make an 11 year old understand

Sometimes people have to part

It kills me to see

The nightly tears in her eyes

See the sadness

Painted in her hazel eyes

How do I help

Repair your heart

Help you understand

And make a new start

Hear kids are invincible

Bounce back like a rubber band

But the pain we are putting you through

Can’t truly understand

Acting out differently

Every day is new

Never know the behavior

To expect from you

Damn you for

Putting our children in the middle

Quite be a selfish bastard

Trying to belittle

Raised up their hopes

Just to let them fall

Can’t you see it’s

Tearing down every happy wall

Never want to tug you my princess

On your tiny heart strings

I’m also learning everyday

What this really means

So Princess please pray to God

Each and every night

He will lead and guide you

Not tugging on your rope to tight