MomsGetReal™ Poet Extraordinaire Tammy Bartholomew

D Day

The day has come

For you to leave

It should be happy

Then the ace comes out of your sleeve

See the separation

Was supposed to be fair

Until you pulled the other “Divorce” card

Out of thin air

The air was never thin

You knew the whole time

Your heart was gone

Not belonging to mine

Really wasn’t surprised

You didn’t cover your tracks

Internet research skill

Something you obviously lacked

Kept believing

Until the very end

We would be together

You had discovered a new friend

Your heart was gone

It had been for a while

Was hard to believe

This was your new style

Like I said before

Tell the truth and I’m gone

You couldn’t even do that

To cover your dance and song

Enjoy your future

I will too

Soon I will be free

Of all the pain you put me through

Will find someone

Who loves my feelings and all

Not because my hair is t0o short

Or my body not small

Will be open and honest

Learn to live again

Be in love with my new

Partner and best friend