The Cardboard Girl,” written by Marika Spaseska, is an inspirational story about a little girl dealing with bullying. Bullying happens much too often in schools and Spaseska gives young children the opportunity to take control over what is happening in their lives. Through this encouraging story the reader learns many life lessons and gains an understanding of others.

Erin is a sweet girl who wants nothing more than to be friends with the girls in her class. She is always kind to others, but typically remains incredibly shy. She is an easy target for those intending to inflict hurt, and she is powerless to defend herself against the attacks of Brooke, the school bully. Every day Erin is the victim of a new assault whether it is verbal or physical, and she feels helpless to change the situation. Her family is of no help, and her teacher only makes matters worse. She slowly fades away inside herself, desperate for help but unable to find it.

Spaseska presents Cora: a wonderfully bright girl who has special powers to help others. Through her cardboard outfit, Cora brings hope and peace to any who enters her midst. Cora is the only one willing to help Erin, but Erin is filled with such despair that she rejects Cora’s advice. Throughout the story we watch as Cora works to unfold the courage that Erin held inside herself all along.

The author skillfully reminds us that although bullies are a problem, there is often reasoning behind their terrible actions. While it is not excusable to treat others with disrespect, the author reveals that everyone has their own insecurities and problems. Brooke’s character is expertly depicted throughout the story, and Spaseska leaves subtle hints as to underlying issues she might possess.

The Cardboard Girl” is a powerful story is a must read for young children, especially those entering a school age where bullying might become a problem. The author eloquently demonstrates the hardships and misunderstandings of children not yet capable of comprehending all their emotions. The reader is inspired by Cora’s generosity and spirit, and touched by Erin’s newfound strength. The compassion etched through this heartfelt story makes it an enjoyable read for any age.

Author Marika Spaseska provided me with a copy of her book so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.