As someone who has truly profited (both financially and emotionally) from being a work-from-home mom for the last seven years, it is my pleasure to share the space today with a fellow mom who is trying to help Canadian moms achieve their goals of working from home and having more time with family.

MomsGetReal Guest Contributor Fariza Minhas

Given the choice, half of all stay-at-home moms would join the workforce, and 75% of moms in the work force would stay home with their children. For any business, this means there is a wealth of employable moms out there who wish to work. Even though these moms choose to stay at home with their families for a variety of reasons, these moms have the qualifications and the expertise that would be beneficial to any business.

Mothers who stay at home are qualified and experienced for a variety of positions. Stay at home moms seek to eliminate this disparity by creating a market where moms with real qualifications can seek out real opportunities which match their experience and education, without having to leave their home. This can provide many opportunities to generate income for their family without having to leave their home, not only letting moms spend more time with their family, but also earning a income.

If you’re a stay at home mom, you’re spending a lot of time in your day caring for your family. However, perhaps that’s not all you’re looking for. Here are some benefits to working from home:

Extra Income: – By working from home, you save more money than when compared to traditional in-house employment. Not only can you contribute to your family’s well being but now you can also contribute to their finances!

Spend Time With Family: – If you’re working outside your home, you spend a lot of time away from your family. You spend 8 hours at your shift, then an hour traveling to and from work, and you may even bring work home. If you work at home, you can choose your own hours, you can do your work when the kids are at school, or when they’re down for their nap. This means that when they’re around, you’re free to spend time with them!

Save on Costs: – Cut down on a lot of costs that come with working outside your home. You don’t have to buy business attire, you don’t have to get a second car, pay for gas, insurance, pay for all the extra costs that come from leaving your home and working outside.

Keep Your Resume Current: By working from home, you’re keeping your resume current. Even though you won’t be leaving home, you’ll still be getting new experience and staying in a field, making sure your resume stays fresh for when you do want to work outside home.

What does this mean for businesses? This means that there is a wealth of workers out there, who’s potential and productivity could be tapped into simply by creating work at home opportunities. In fact, half of all stay at home moms would join the work force if they had the opportunity to work in a position which they could co-ordinate with their home life.

These mothers come from a variety of fields, they are chartered accountants, marketing professionals, teachers, public relations professionals and so much more.

These women have the talents that could help any business succeed but they do not have the opportunity to put these talents to use because there are few job positions which allow them to be home with their children while working.

If you’re a Canadian mom, learn more about work at home opportunities at Canadian Working Moms.