`Does your teenage daughter go sweetly through life, never causing you an undue moment of stress, a grey hair, or a desire for a very large glass of wine?

If you said yes, I’d be curious to know what planet you came from.

Any parent who has a daughter older than 18 months knows what a roller coaster ride raising girls can be. I’ve always believed that my three boys were easier than my two girls. Now, there’s a book that can give teen girls and their parents a glimpse of the turmoil that causes teen girl attitude.

The Attitude Girl,” written by Mila Bernadkin is a story that addresses the tumultuous life of a teenage girl. As Bernadkin skillfully guides the reader through the life of 17 year old Victoria Benson, we witness the tribulations that many teenagers share. However Victoria, better known as Vicky, possesses quite the attitude that at times surpasses the norm.

The author portrays the social life of a teenage effortlessly. Vicky has a few close friends whom she cannot imagine living without but no matter how strong, all friendships experience difficulties. With raging hormones around every corner close friends are bound to fight. These same hormones are responsible for a young girl’s issue with young boys. Bernadkin expertly displays Vicky’s turmoil considering the boy she cares for, and demonstrates in many ways how Vicky’s attitude builds walls against more than just love.

As if being a teenager was not hard enough, Vicky faces many additional pressures from all sides. Bernadkin goes beyond interpreting the average dilemmas of a young female adult, such as love and sex, drugs, and finding individuality. The author delves deeper into heavy issues such as a family abandoned by her father. Not only is the family left in financial ruin while her mother struggles to pick up the pieces, but illness strikes within the family as well. Vicky and her mother often do not see eye to eye, but they are all the other has.

Bernadkin leads us through Vicky’s turbulent life and allows us to truly experience the  hardships of this young girl. It is an enlightening coming of age story and expands the reader’s understanding of why teenagers may feel the need to lash out the way they do. The author beautifully illustrates lessons that everyone should learn and know: harsh attitudes are often a defense against a world that many are struggling to grasp.

The Attitude Girl” is a must read, not just for teenage girls but for their parents as well. Through Bernadkin’s writings a new bond between mother and daughter can be discovered. This story relates to every girl. Bernadkin eloquently expresses the story of a genuine girl who develops into a mature young woman.

“Mila” Bernadkin draws on her experience as a teacher, mother and advanced graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature to identify with the tremulous world of confusing emotions and mixed messages of “maturity” today’s teens live in as they feel their way through the process of becoming young adults. Mila provided a free copy of her book to me so that I could adequately review and provide my honest opinion.