Getting Real With Jana Jeffery

A few weeks ago, while visiting my family in Kansas City, my sister (and mom to 3 sweet, sweet boys) shared an app with me called MyJobChart. She went on to describe how the days of her kids whining to get computer time, TV time, etc. were over. Instead, the boys “check off” their jobs each day and redeem the points they earn from those jobs for things like computer and TV time, but also for Mommy & Me time, getting an ice cream cone, sleeping in late on Saturday and so on. There’s an app for iOS, Android and iPad, as well as the website. She had me at ‘the whining was over’.

So, when I got home from my trip, I setup our family account to try it out. There are some great pre-built jobs and rewards with suggested point values ready to be activated, but I found that most of the jobs and rewards that I wanted to create needed to be worded a bit differently. So, I created my own!

In less than 30 minutes, all of my kids “chores” (such a filthy word) were transferred to “jobs” in MyJobChart and I even added in everyday things like brushing teeth, combing hair, getting dressed (I hope they don’t forget that one, but I suppose it could happen.) I setup several rewards for each of them as well, although, I did customize the points specific for each kid to reach the same reward. I’m still debating this – it seems unfair but in the same respect the older kids have bigger, more labor-intensive jobs than the youngest one so that evens it out in my mind.

Amazon created MyJobChart so there are options to add real life products from as rewards too. I know, a wee bit cheesy and materialistic, but, once I plucked out a few for each of the kids and got their feedback, they were pretty excited about it. We’ll see though, it still feels a bit weird to me.

MyJobChart even has a feature called “Extra Jobs”. You know, those jobs that you’d love to have help with but aren’t necessarily part of their regular routine? For instance, my 6 & 12 year old have Extra Jobs called “Help Mommy / Daddy clean out the car,” “Straighten the bookshelves,” and “Dust the living room,” etc. The first week we deployed MyJobChart, our house was spotless. This is something that had most likely never occurred in all of the rooms of the house, at the same time. You know what I mean – the kitchen could be spotless, but that crap took 4 hours to clean and the laundry room can damn well wait! Momma needs a nap!

My 6 year old has continually begged for more “Extra Jobs”. My 12 year old is cursing the ground her aunt walks on for having recommended the app. Well, she curses the ground everyone over the age of 17 walks on, so whatevs. I LOVE IT; it works, so it stays. Capeesh?!

Bottom line: I’ve used other apps and websites and haven’t found one that was both easy for me AND the kids to use plus customizable for our various needs. This thing is made for preschoolers, built by Amazon, and keeps me sane.

So, let the neighbors think Mrs. Cleaver has taken up residence in your home. Give MyJobChart a whirl and let me know about your experience in the comments!