Getting Real With Shada Bruce

I sometimes wonder whether or not there was anything important in my life before I had kids. For me, having kids was instantaneous – I met and quickly fell in love with Dave and his three kids had stolen my heart. I was 26.

I know there was life before motherhood, but it was complicated by a marriage disaster and a girl in her 20s who was more lost than found.

But I’m not that lost girl in her 20s, either. I am 40, running a business, writing a book, and seeing a not-so-distant future in which my kids are much more independent.

I love being a mom. It may be the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced, and being a mom has transformed me in ways I never thought possible. I have no regrets about the course my life has taken or the time I’ve devoted to motherhood, and I expect motherhood to be a shaping factor in my life as long as I live.

That being said…

I think it is incredibly important that moms to remember that they are also women, and individuals.

I don’t exist only to support my children’s growth into adulthood, to be there to kiss better every boo-boo and patch up every broken heart. I am not just playing a supporting role to my husband’s career or life plan.

I am my own person, too!

Moms often allow their lives, dreams, and aspirations to be back-burnered because of a natural tendency to want to put everyone else first. It’s what makes us amazing, but it’s also what can lead to self-sabotage.

RIGHT NOW, every mom should take a few minutes and take stock of who you are outside your role of mom, wife, or caretaker. What have YOU been dreaming about doing? What do YOU want to achieve for you?

It’s not easy – there is always some chore waiting, some child needing, some person demanding your time…but right now, you should stop and listen to that often ignored person inside you who also has needs.

Give yourself permission to stop and dream and think about yourself, to take steps toward making your dreams come true. Go back to school. Write a book. Go for a walk. Get your hair done. Whatever YOU need, make that the important to do of the day.

Give yourself permission to put YOU first.

Get Real With Us –

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