Hallie’s teeth came in late according to standards. While she began teething at 2 months, nothing appeared until she was about 8 months old. Now that she is into toddlerhood, the molars are appearing, and it is horrendous.

A monster has replaced my child, and I would like a full refund, please.

Do you know how long it is taking for those molars to come in?! Oh, and only the bottom ones. We haven’t addressed the top ones yet, so I’m screwed.

toddler biting

Problem 1: The Biting

This is the most troubling, and not just because we are still breastfeeding. We have moved beyond the stage of biting the nipple that feeds us, and although Hallie has her feisty moments, my nipples are usually safe. What are not safe are my butt and thighs, I kid you not. I am not the only one who has suffered from a bite-and-run, but the last time she drew blood. It’s a terrible game she plays, sneaking up as if she wants a hug. Then, before you can act, the teeth are out and the damage is done as she runs away. Gremlin.

surviving the teething monster

Problem 2: The Crying

Yes, I know she is in pain, and I do feel bad for her. If I could take her pain upon myself I would in a heartbeat, but I cannot. Instead, I have to listen to relentless cries for attention, food, water, milk, toys, and anything else. The pain of the teething exemplifies every other displeasure, and I promise you I am suffering with her. Everything is offensive to Hallie as those molars come in, and although I can’t blame her, it is driving me insane.

Problem 3: The Pickiness

teething toddlers are picky

As if I weren’t stressed enough, her aching gums have diminished her appetite. I’m sure she’s getting enough, but I can’t help but worry anyways. Despite her gremlin antics, I want my baby girl to eat healthy meals. Instead she is throwing her yogurt at me and crying to be breastfed, because I didn’t want to wean anyway. Right? Sure. Not only that, but now I have no idea what she actually wants to eat on any given day. It’s a fun time picking her meals off the floor and walls, and there’s nothing like scraping peanut butter out of her hair when I don’t have time or energy for another bath.

She is a monster for sure, but she is my monster. I can only hope that her molars come in soon, and that I can ease the ache of her gums with ice and cold washcloths. We will get through this together, with hopefully less tears and biting. Until then, wish me luck, and let me know if you have any awesome teething tips!