Getting Real with Shadra Bruce

Summer is in full swing. Now that the kids will be home, you’ll have many more opportunities for quality family time, which is great. However, it’s ok to admit if you felt an inward groan at the thought of summer vacation. What are you supposed to do with hyper children all summer long?

Last year, our summer was filled with a cross-country move and settling in to a new home and life. The year before, we took a month long road trip, which certainly took up most of our summer, but not everyone has the luxury to take their work on the road. It’s more likely that a family vacation will consist of a week or two, which will hopefully result in some great family bonding. But then the rest of the summer becomes an endless assault of “I’m bored.”

You wouldn’t be the first or last parent to kick your child out the door and tell them to get some fresh air, within safe boundaries of course. Having accessible libraries and recreation areas nearby doesn’t hurt either. Take the time at the end of the school year to connect with your children’s friends and parents to set up get-togethers as well, which gives you peace of mind that they are somewhere safe but also out of your hair.

We’ve signed up for for the summer so that our daughter can brush up on her math skills, since she will be skipping sixth grade and jumping head first into middle school. And our son has summer homework for his coming AP History and honors English courses. He’s also signed up at to take an online anthropology class this summer. (Yes, our kids are geeks).

Most importantly, set aside some time to spend with your kids. Summer vacations are precious and they will whip right by you. Before you know it the school year will start again. These moments together will be what you and your children remember.