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Claim Your Status, Stepmoms!

Claim Your Status, Stepmoms!

I don't run into as many problems any more with the older kids out of school, but there was a time when being a stepparent caused annoyance and frustration. There were times when I was unable to speak for my kids, like when teachers called and wanted to speak to a...

Stepmoms: Just Be There with an Open Heart

Getting Real With Shadra Bruce It was heartbreaking for me watching our older kids wait for phone calls that never came, visits that never materialized, and relationships that never happened with their biological mother. I wanted nothing more than to magically go back...

Mom is Just a Title

Mom is Just a Title

Getting Real with Shadra Bruce I started seriously dating Dave when Derek was 11 and Kyle and Kira were almost 7. Since being first introduced, the kids had called me by my first name. Kyle called me mom almost immediately; but for a while, he called every woman mom....

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