I have a routine with my kids each night. It started as something simple and has turned into something we all look forward to very much. When Parker was little, I was trying to find a simple way to help him remember what he’d done during the day while feeling grateful about his life. One night, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was. I was surprised at the small detail that stood out to him.

The following night when I tucked him in, he prompted me by saying, “Aren’t you going to ask me what my favorite part of the day is?” And the tradition was born.

I started the same thing with Anika when she started kindergarten. It’s a great way to find out things that the kids might not think about or remember to tell me otherwise. While the kids always tell me their favorite part of the day, it often opens up the conversation to other things: struggles they’ve had during the day, advice they need, reassurance they are seeking.

It ensures that we end each night with an intimate moment. It gives me a chance to make sure the kids know, every single day, how much I love them and how precious they are to me. Along the way, we have a moment to be grateful for the gifts of that day and never take for granted how lucky we are.