by Shadra Bruce

I’ve been on a “technology is great” kick lately, but it’s true. Technology really can be an awesome thing. Not only does it allow me the freedom and flexibility to work from home in a manner that supports my family without forcing me to sacrifice my desire to be with my kids, but it keeps me connected to the ones I love.

Dave and I spent six days away from the kids, but none of us felt the distance or time apart as much as we thought we would. It is the third year that we have made our escape, thanks to our older daughter Kira, who is responsible enough and kind enough to grant us a few days away for our anniversary each year.

Usually, the time apart is difficult for the kids, but not too bad because their big sister spoils them rotten with trips to McDonalds and the park and other fun places. It’s worse for us. We get away, but we worry. Because we go to Montreal each year, we typically don’t use our cell phones except in case of emergency (the roaming charges would be more than the hotel bill!)

This year, however, we decided to try Skype. We loaded it on my old work computer for the kids and took a laptop with us to Montreal. Each night, we would get on Skype and not just get to talk to the kids but see them too. It made the whole trip more enjoyable and made it possible for us to relax, enjoy our time away, and see for ourselves that the kids were doing just fine without us.