Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

Oh my.

I know that everyone has their own opinion. I certainly express mine all the time, especially in my own blogs. But my goodness. Sometimes I read other mom articles that pop-up in my news feed and all I can do is roll my eyes. Every mom is entitled to how they feel but come on. This article was all about how harmful letting your kids say “fart” is. Now, I’ve already talked about how swearing is not a big deal to me, but my goodness.

Fart? Your kids can’t say “fart.”

You would faint if you heard what comes out of my toddler’s mouth.

I’m on board with not calling other people mean names or saying things out of spite. My daughter, Hallie, will never be allowed to tell other children that they stink like farts or that they’re a fart-head. Any insults, even the unique ones, are never tolerated. It’s about teaching our children to be polite and kind individuals.

At the same time, I’m not going to tell Hallie that she can’t talk about farts, or “tooties,” as we call them in our household. Potty language is just a thing for kids. It’s funny. Hallie knew about poop being funny before I ever said anything. She came out of no where and asked for poop for a treat as a joke. Of course, I laughed out of shock because what the hell. Kids just know things.

Even as an adult, farts are funny to me. Call me immature, but I like to live my life not so seriously. It’s a completely normal bodily function, and honestly, teaching my daughter to “be a lady” is low on my list of priorities. If she is courteous given the situation, such as in the classroom, and kind to others I really don’t care if she says, “I farted.” Follow that up with “excuse me” and we are good to go.

How can you be mad at a child for using “potty language?” What even is that? It’s not shameful to do what every other human being does. Even as an adult in a professional workplace, we all knew way too much about each other’s bathroom habits. It’s not a big deal. I won’t encourage embarrassment in my children over something as simple as a fart, and I won’t put taboos on a harmless word.

Can we please find something better to worry about when it comes to our children?