We only have one kid in college right now, and even though she gets grants, scholarships, and financial aid to offset the cost of attendance, it’s still a financial drain, and we’re always looking for ways to save money and help her save money. When RentScouter suggested that Kira could save a bundle by renting books through their site, I said, “Prove it.”

He did. And, her books are already rented for next semester – at a savings over her typical bookstore purchase of more than $200!! That is a whole new college wardrobe you know. Or at least a few pairs of shoes and some jeans. As Kira says, “WOOT!”

Here’s the proof (click on the image to enlarge & see the whole thing):

Rentscouter.com is a leading price comparison website that helps students (and parents) get the best price buying, selling, or renting textbooks, ebooks, video games, or electronics. Featured on CNN, WSJ, and Clark Howard, every search brings you a number of comparisons that lets you choose the best deal for your budget, whether you want to own or rent your text books.

The proof is in the actual savings we received. Ordering Kira’s books was a simple process; she has a 15 day grace period to get them returned after the end of her semester. There is optional (inexpensive) insurance available to cover loss, theft, or damage to the rental books. Shipping – both ways – is free, but to take advantage of free shipping and still get the books in time for classes, I’d suggest ordering in the next few weeks. However, you can upgrade the shipping for a nominal fee to get the books in a hurry if you need to.

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