Whether you have a big family and only so much room in your car to store everything or a small car that is cramped wherever you go, staying organized in the car is important. When you’ve come up with the crazy notion of doing a 33-day road trip in a minivan with three kids in tow, it’s downright crucial. Staying organized on any road trip is one of the surest ways to maintain your sanity (other ways include large, luxurious hotel rooms where the kids have their own space, but car organization is less costly).

You probably already entrust much of your life to Rubbermaid, from well made trash cans to in-home storage bins of all shapes and sizes to super sealing food storage solutions in glass and BPA-free plastic. Of course they’re a natural choice for car organization – and wow do they do it right! Here are some of my favorite Rubbermaid car organization solutions (available at Target and other department stores):

Front seat organizer ($12.99)

It’s called a front seat organizer, but I like it better as a “maintain some distance between the kids so they don’t fight AND hold a bunch of stuff” organizer. It has a handle so you can bring it into the hotel with you each night, making it a convenient place to store favorite DVDs, a cell phone, iPod, headphones, and two handy cup holders. It has a non-slip bottom so you don’t have to worry about the contents sliding to the floor with hard braking, and the handle retracts when not in use. There’s even a small lidded compartment perfect for hiding valuables when you make pit stops. The very best thing about this organizer is that it is dishwasher safe, so when the kids decide to store a partially-eaten sucker in the cup holder, it will wash right out.

Back Seat Tray ($17.99)

These trays are NOT designed to hold heavy items like DVD players or laptops, and the tray surface is quite small, but this is a perfect way to keep kids organized with snacks. The tray pops down to hold granola bars and the cup holders at the back are perfect for water bottles or even for storing pencils and pens and a notebook. Dishwasher safe, the cup holder is removable for easy cleaning.

Cargo Bin ($14.99)

The cargo bin is a super solution for storing things that might otherwise roll around in the back of your car, and it’s perfect for bringing in loose groceries like gallons of milk and juice that you opt not to bag. It saves you trips, keeps things from spilling in the back, and has easy-carry handles on the sides.

Cooler Cargo Organizer ($34.99)

This brilliantly designed organizer from Rubbermaid is an insulated bag with a zipped compartment that holds up to 12 cans. It has cargo holders on the sides that can be expanded or folded in depending on the space you have available and mesh pocket for additional storage. Ideal for everything from holding groceries to picnics to all-day fishing trips, you’ll love the options this space-saver offers.

Deluxe Cup Holder ($4.99)

The deluxe cup organizer turns an ordinary cup holder into an expanded storage space with slots perfect for a cell phone and iPod. There’s a slot for cords so that you can stay charged on the road, and a softly lined eye glass compartment for safe keeping of your sunglasses.

 When you’re on the road and facing long miles ahead of you, keeping the car organized is critical for keeping stress at bay so that you can enjoy the scenery.

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