Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

We’ve been home for 10 days now from our amazing road trip and starting to settle back into the routine of things. We’ve been dealing with doctor appointments and refilling prescriptions and grocery shopping and getting back into the swing of things with work…and thinking about all the people and places we got to see. We’ve already decided that at least once more while the kids are home we will do another major road trip. We’ve contemplated selling everything and going on the road full time; we’ve thought about moving West again to be closer to family. Most of all, though, we’ve just enjoyed reliving the memories of the experience.

We want to make sure the kids remember the trip, so we talk to them about different moments. We took hundreds of pictures and we loaded many of them onto a digital frame so that there is a slideshow of the month-long trip replaying for the kids. We chat about favorite moments each night when we tuck the kids into bed.

What has really made me happy, though, is the connection the kids have made with their cousins. They are emailing back and forth to each other, connecting on Facebook with each other, and remaining a part of each others’ lives. I know when school starts everyone will get back to their own lives, but I hope I will be able to continue encouraging the connection and the thought that family matters.

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