Getting Real With Jennifer Proctor

Part 2

It’s your New Years Resolution, your plan. Make it as original as yourself and make it work for you. You don’t have to follow the steps presented in any of the TV shows nor do you need a book or a complicated schedule. You do need to discover what you like to do, make little changes one at a time and promise yourself to do one healthier thing a day. Soon enough you’ll have several baby steps that have become new permanent healthier habits. Yes, you CAN do it. Need a new perspective… is the first week of January and you haven’t failed, even if you haven’t lost the first few pounds. You are successful by just considering and discovering your plan.

We all see the fitness products and clothes on sale this time of year and we all move into the contemplation stage of making changes in our behaviors. We become aware that a problem exists and we are now seriously thinking about overcoming it.

This is a time for great reflection and finding the reasons to change, the motivation to reach our goal, and the strength to make our plan work. It’s okay for this step to take some time as we discover what truly motivates us. This stage is the key to successfully achieving your end goal by using your well developed, individualized plan. So keep at it, make your plan and prepare for action towards health and wellness for 2011.