Puppet on a String by Tammy Bartholomew

You are both like

Puppets on a string

Having to be orchestrated

By other human beings

You can’t stand by yourself

You have to be deceitful telling lies

Everyone can see

Through your fake disguise

Your masters are strong

But that was never enough

Too bad for you

Now life is going to get really rough

You started

A relationship by lying

Can’t imagine part of you

Inside not dying

Neither can stand

To be alone in the war

But in the end

Enjoy your new whore

I loved you

With all of my heart

But now my puppet

You need to make a fresh start

You are great

At the dance and song

Maybe that is why you

Are so good at stringing people along

You used each other

To put on a show

How sad true love

You will never know

Your hearts are

Made of stone

Hopefully neither of you

Will end stringing each other along

See my puppet

You don’t get to pull my strings

Because I am the master

And a great human being