MomsGetReal™ Poet Extraordinaire Tammy Bartholomew

You’re In My Heart

I said I miss you today
Even though we are miles apart
You said you were with me
Because I had you in my heart
You are growing up so fast
A strong handsome young man
It boggles my mind
Things you can comprehend
Told you I was moving on
What did I need to do
Explain but you all said
We are happy for you
What an adult answer
For me to make a new start
From my strong handsome son
Remember you will always be in my heart

The Steps of Letting Go

Emotions run high
During the divorce grieving process
You feel every one of them
Trying to figure out this mess
Manipulated, mad
Are a few to start
Frustrated, betrayed
Because someone broke your heart
Denial is the first phase
I hear you go through
Not wanting to believe
Someone is threw with you
Anger and rage
Is next I am supposed to feel
Still trying to get there
In the process trying to heal
Depression on the docket
Do I really need to go there
All I have been through
Do I even dare
Hurt, confusion, rage
Has to be in there somewhere
I’m sure they wouldn’t be
If the person truly cared
Acceptance is part of the last step
I have to take
Prayers and letting go
Forgiving the mistakes

Nails in Our Coffin

Through our addictions
We face each day
We start to put nails in our coffin
In a bed we must lay
Whether it be with alcohol
Or maybe even drugs
Sometimes even through
The ones we loved
We hear our bodies are a temple
We keep putting poisons in
See it doesn’t seem to matter
The world just continues to spin
Maybe it is with food
Certain amounts to survive
Not every food healthy
To help keep us alive
What about the disease
We can’t seem to fight
Another nail in our coffin
Closer to our forever goodnight
We are so engrossed
Just keep putting the toxin in
When will we learn
This is one nail closer to our end
We are all in the vicious cycle
Some can’t even see
How their actions
Start to affect me
We want to believe
The more knowledge we have
We should be able to face
Maybe just learn to laugh
Addictions come in many forms
You never realize
Sometimes we tricks ourselves
In believing our own lies
We don’t want to face
We are all the same
Some may even die sooner
Of the dreaded game