The players of PlayfulPlanet.com asked themselves how busy moms could become a little more “green”…
             …they came up with these 5 key lifestyle changes:
      1. Everybody Stand Up
According to health specialists, lack of contracting major muscles for long periods of time causes metabolism to slow greatly, leading to heart disease, and some types of cancer. How many hours per day do you spend in this position? Set your health up for success by enjoying more movement with your child. Looking for something active to do indoors this winter? You and your child can follow along to Playful Planet’s own interactive Storyland Yoga DVD.    
      2.  It’s a Farmer’s Market
Bring your own bag or basket and peruse the outdoor produce promenade with your child.  Use this opportunity to engage your child about seasonal fruits and vegetables picked straight from the vine, and learn about sustainable farming together. Enjoy free samples offered at most stands to taste before purchasing. If you don’t live in a city that offers farmer’s markets, you can join a co-op. By purchasing locally you will experience freshly picked produce with maximum nutrients, save money, and stimulate your local economy. This is also an opportunity to vote with your dollars for reducing fossil fuels used in shipment.   
      3. Dine a la Maison
Bring the basket of seasonal, freshly picked Farmer’s Market vegetables to your home kitchen. Open a cookbook and let your child flip through the pages. Allow him to choose a healthy recipe, and start creating. This is a chance to let your child have responsibility and enjoy each other’s company while creating a fresh meal together. The beauty of cooking at home allows you to control what ingredients are being used, keep the waiter’s tip in your pocket, and have freedom to move your legs.  
      4. From Baggies to Bentos
Send your child to school with the leftovers she created the night before in Bento Lunch Boxes. These colorful lunch packing options are free of lead, BPA, and phthalate toxicity. To add, they are reusable and recyclable, made in the USA , and pay for themselves in three weeks. Be done purchasing plastic baggies for the sake of the environment, your health, your wallet, and let your child choose his bento box style at www.laptoplunches.com.
5.  Packaged Goods are No Good
It’s time we associate packaged food with what’s behind the scenes: harmful additives, low nutritional value, wasteful packaging, and use of fossil fuels in production and shipment. We can spare excess packaging and unhealthy side effects by shopping in bulk at a whole foods market. Fill mason jars or small canvas bags with items such as grains, legumes, pastas, and cereals.  Engage your child by letting him weigh the items. At home, allow her to be creative and decorate the mason jars.
“5 Key Lifestyle Adjustments” are provided by Playful Planet, creators of the award-winning Storyland Yoga DVD.
 Stay Playful!