My daughter has always been fashion forward. At age three, she started wearing two different socks because that was “her style.” By the time she started kindergarten, she was putting together complicated, multi-layered outfits that were as outlandish as they were clever. But I believe in letting my kids be individuals, so we never stopped her from expressing her personality.

She first asked if we could dye her hair when she was in first grade. That year, it was pink. The next year, she went for purple and blue. In fourth grade, we bleached out streaks of her brunette and made pink stripes. While I’m ok with letting her experiment with color, the permanency of a dye job can be frustrating for someone who likes change.

Enter Ellore Femme Hair Chalk. As a US Family Blogger, I was provided a sample of Ellore Femme Hair Chalk to try. It’s awesome. Simply dampen your hair, run the chalk across the damp hair, set the color with a blow dryer, and voila! You have colorful hair that lasts only until your next shower. You can use one color or several. It’s taken my daughter’s style to a whole new level, and since we moved and she now attends a school where “unnatural hair colors” are not allowed, it gives her the ability to still enjoy having different colors in her hair that wash out before school the next morning.

If you’re interested in trying Ellore Femme Hair Chalk, they’re offering an amazing discount: Save $30 Off Ellore Femme 24 piece Hair Chalk set with promo code BL15

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