Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Remember the movie from 2000 starring Haley Joel Osment called “Pay It Forward”?

The idea in the movie – take a good deed and pay it forward to three people – is such a wonderful idea.

Sometimes, around the Christmas season, I begin feeling disenchanted with the thought that this could really happen. We’ve had so much war and negativity and volatility in our country lately, it can be hard to find the hope this season represents.

But I do believe that each of us holds the power to make a difference and have an impact on the world.

Your impact on the world is not going to come from your wealth, your ability to sell, your ability to be the hardest-working employee. It’s not even going to come from the gifts you buy to give.

Your impact on the world is going to come from your heart.

You can make a difference by speaking kindly, smiling more, giving freely…

You can make a difference by seeing past differences and finding commonality…

You can have an impact in the world by choosing each day to open your heart.

At the end of the day, it won’t matter how big your TV is or how fat your bank account is.

It won’t matter who you voted for or where you stood on the issues.

It won’t matter what things you’ve collected.

The only measure that will matter is your heart. Do you lead with your heart?