Are you looking for a way to boost your career? Are you just starting out in the IT career, or are you looking for a change of jobs? Perhaps you like your job, but you’re hoping to move forward with your skills and knowledge. If any of these apply to you, Oracle has exactly what you’re looking for. With Oracle, giving an ultimate boost to your career is possible and simple. All it takes is a passing score on a technical exam to earn certification in the field, role, and/or technology of your choosing.

With a certification or two (or more) under your belt, you will immediately begin to see the benefits in the workplace. The certification works to verify your skills, to prove to your employer that you are adequately trained for the field. It opens doors for you to advance in your career and gain multiple experiences that before were not possible. Oracle specifically makes the process easy, in all aspects of the program. Participants are able to choose from any of the available certifications in database, application, middleware, and other programs. Individuals can become skilled in a specific industry or become trained as an administrator, developer, or implementation specialist in numerous technologies.

Because general skills and common knowledge carries from one exam to the next, and with the assistance of training materials, earning multiple certifications is certainly possible. Oracle exams test, more-so, the application of such knowledge to the product and job at hand, in order to prepare you for work you will be doing on a regular basis. Although some certifications (such as expert and master level) require prerequisite exams, most are independent and open to professionals of all backgrounds.