Getting  Real with Shadra Bruce

We’re doing it again. Headed out on another road trip. This will be our sixth getaway this year with the younger kids and our second with our older daughter,  son-in-law, and granddaughter along for the ride. We used to be able to cram it all in one van,  but now that Hallie’s out of her infant car seat, we usually travel in tandem, with our two Kia Sedona minivans. Road trips are fun, and getting away with the family is a blast … but it can be stressful too. These tips can help you survive:

Charge Up the Devices

Road trips are a lot easier when the kids are entertained. Hallie has her own playlist of music (Bruno Mars,  Katy Perry,  Kelly Clarkson – she’s a cool kid). Their van also has a built-in DVD player. Our kids have cell phones and unlimited data. No bickering, no boredom, and blissful silence as we drive the six hours to Montreal.

Stop for Breaks

Plan stops in your itinerary. Do not wait until you and the kids are tired and have to pee so bad every bush calls your name before you take a break. A small break can make a huge difference in how well the road trip goes.

Pack Snacks

Even if you plan a stop for a meal, snacks are essential on a road trip. We bring almonds, string cheese,  granola bars, and crackers. The food is easy to eat, relatively mess free, and keeps everyone’s energy up.  Bring water too!

Get the Car Serviced

Regular upkeep is essential if you’re on the road a lot. Keep up on oil changes and get your car serviced regularly. Before a trip, make sure the tires look good and all the fluids are topped off.

Family road trips are memory makers. With a little effort, it can be less stressful and more fun – even when you drag everyone out of the house at the butt crack of dawn because you’re so excited to get going.