by Shadra Bruce

If you’ve never been to Montreal, it’s a wonderful place to visit. If you have been to Montreal, returning time and again never gets boring. One of the reasons I return time after time is that the city offers so much that there are always new things to experience and discover.

Montreal is an ideal destination for lovers and honeymooners, families, history buffs, Francophones, art and culture lovers, shoppers, and foodies. Regardless of your purpose for visiting Montreal, eating is always a pleasurable experience. You won’t find servers in a hurry to turn tables; they expect you to linger over each aspect of your meal, from a refreshing glass of Sangria or a local brew through carefully created desserts complemented by espresso, sometimes two hours later.

Because meals are an experience in and of themselves in Montreal,  I’ve put together a list of my favorite gustatory adventures.

1. Claude Postel Pâtisserie. Located on West Notre Dame Street (Rue Notre Dame O) just down from the famous Basilique Notre Dame de Montréal, this is the perfect place to begin the day. Serving delicious croissants, chocolatines, hot chocolate, coffee, and espresso, you’ll savor the melt-in-your-mouth delicacy of a fresh croissant as you watch one of the most famous streets in Old Montreal come to life.

2. La Marche de la Villette. The best Bistro in town, with great French food and sandwiches on crusty French bread. Try the canard (duck). If you’re an early riser, this is one of the few restaurants open for an early breakfast. Located on Rue St. Paul toward McGill Street in Old Montreal, you’ll be treated like family when you come to this great little bistro. Because they cater to locals, they offer a much more authentic experience than some of the restaurants on Jacques Cartier.

3. 3 Brasseurs. This is a great sports bar with their own special beer and Flammekueches (a form of pizza) that are simply scrumptious (so is the Salade Du Jardin 3B if you need something lighter). The Amber beer is a favorite, and the brewers offer a special brew of the week. Monday-Friday 3 Brasseurs has happy hour from 5-7 with half-priced beers. There is one location on Rue St. Paul in Old Montreal, but there is also one in downtown Montreal near the underground shopping.

4. If you like wild game (gibier), La Sauvagine offers some of the most deliciously prepared meat dishes available. From Wild Boar with Blueberry Sauce to Bison Medallions with wild mushrooms, your taste buds will delight in the adventure. Also on Rue St. Paul (the oldest street in Montreal), you can head across the street after dinner for an ice cream cone or walk up a block to Rue des Artisans to enjoy local talents.


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