Getting Real With Wanda Morrissey

I’ve decided that this year I’m going to make a New Year’s Promise instead of a New Year’s Resolution. Considering that only about 10% of resolutions are successful, a promise just seems like it would be easier to keep.

If I were making a resolution, it would be one of the classics. I would resolve to lose weight. I would do what countless others have done before me and go all out the first couple of weeks (stop eating chocolate, stock up on salads and start an impossible exercise routine) and like countless others before me, I would fail. It would be too many changes too quickly. I would give up after a couple of weeks and slip back into my old, comfortable routines. Instead I’m going to promise to make some small changes to help me reach my goal. I promise to eat more fruit (there’s no way I’m totally giving up on chocolate). I promise to reduce my portion size. I promise to get more exercise (I’m not joining a gym but instead of sitting on the park bench watching my son play, I can join in or I can go for a daily walk). I promise to cut back on the snacks or at least make better snacking choices. Broken up into little pieces like that it doesn’t seem as daunting as ‘I Resolve To Lose Weight’.

So, this year I promise to make little changes in my life that will help me lose weight. I was always taught to never make a promise you couldn’t keep and this is a promise I know I can keep.