You can’t avoid seeing the results the lack of personal responsibility this country has suffered from every time you turn on the news.

Big businesses have spent more money on corporate jets and bonuses than on running the show.

Stories like these are rampant, and can easily make you feel out of control and frustrated, but you feel it within yourself that you can make a difference, that now is your time.

And it is your great time for opportunity. Now is the time for you to take advantage of the wake-up call this country has been given and tighten your own focus.

Banish negativity from your life. As you recognize the things you’ve been doing well, allow yourself to dream of the potential of your future.

Acknowledge your challenges and commit to yourself to meeting your goals.

By taking responsibility for you, acknowledging what you need to succeed and the direction you need your life to take, you will be the cornerstone of the change that needs to happen on a personal, a national and an international scale.

Even though there may be moments when you get caught up in what is happening in the world, you are strong enough to prevent those stresses from projecting back into your own life. You understand that your life is still yours to control and direct – and that should be your main focus.

The power is within you.

You have limitless potential to redirect and refocus your life, achieving the goals you’ve only dreamed of achieving until now.

Right now, wherever you are while you are reading this, stop and acknowledge the power you have inside yourself. Now is not the time to blame bad luck or a bad economy; take charge of yourself and your life.