Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

The economy might be getting better, or we might all fall right off the fiscal cliff. While the best approach to surviving tough times is to live more simply, spend less, and learn to reuse and recycle what you have, sometimes you just need a little extra cash.

Sell Stuff

Whether you have valuable collectibles sitting around or a talent for making beautiful things, you can make extra money by selling your stuff. Open an Etsy shop to showcase your talent making afghans or knit caps, or dust off those boxes of comics and list them on eBay.

Join an Existing Company and Market their Products

From Shaklee to Shakeology, Mary Kay to Melaleuca, there are existing companies with excellent marketing platforms and built-in support that can help you make extra money. Be cautious, however, in choosing a company. Most will require some level of investment and there is a great deal of work required to achieve success and recoup that investment.

Transform Your Skills into Wealth

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can turn your talent into money. From web design to article writing, programming to graphics design, you can register an account with or and bid for projects to make money working from home on your computer.  When I first escaped the clutches of cubicle slavery, it was where I found my first clients (some of whom I still work with today, six years later).

When jobs are hard to find and employment is precarious at best, it forces us all to take a deeper look at what our priorities are. If you value financial independence, freedom, and the flexibility to live life on your terms, you can use these second income ideas to help get you out of debt and on the road to financial freedom.