Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Saying goodbye to my sister today was supposed to be easy, because we knew we would be seeing each other twice more this month – on the coast and at the family reunion. But the knowledge that we’d soon be heading back to New York and 2,400 miles away hit both of us hard. I cried off and on all the way to Elko, and even still cannot think about the distance that will be between us.

Parker and Anika were affected as well. Anika cried almost as long as I did, and Parker simply withdrew. The kids came up with a solution, however: we need to move to Utah. Anika would like to finish 4th grade in New York first, since she loves the teacher she will have.

Another cross-country move? Are you kidding? Well…the kids certainly think that’s the solution. They spent most of the day trying to convince us of the benefits. Realistically, I don’t think it’s possible…our home would be difficult to sell, if we even wanted to sell it. While Riverton is a beautiful community it’s about ten times larger than we’re used to…and we’d be back in dry heat desert again. Ack.

Is there a solution that will let me be near my sister more? Other than making regular cross-country trips (which are too costly to do too often) I don’t know. But I wish someone would invent a Star Trek-like teleportation device and solve my problems.