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Getting a good fright has always been an integral part of Halloween, but parents genuinely fear some of the harm that can come to a child during trick-or-treating. The danger stems less from hazardous treats — Time magazine claims only two children have ever been reported to have been poisoned on Halloween — than from car accidents and falls. Using a mobile phone can help to minimize the risks of ending up in a hospital on Halloween with a few handy apps.

Life360 Family Locator

Knowing where your child (and your child’s friends) have gone during the span of a night trick-or-treating can go a long way towards giving a parent peace of mind. The Life360 GPS app for Android and iPhone offers a free tracking service so that you can be sure that they have not wandered too far off. What’s more, this app includes information about nearby hospitals, police stations, and any criminals or sex offenders living in the area, so that you can plan ahead for a trick or treat route and have contingency plans in case the worst happens. Acquiring details about the community helps your children to avoid danger but also allows you to avoid identity theft. Services from LifeLock minimize the danger of criminals who seek to capitalize on unsuspecting parents. Identity theft on holidays has become common as consumers drop their guard over private information to focus on their family.

Flashlight In A Phone

A strong light remains best way to prevent a potential car or bicycle accident while trick-or-treating. When you cannot find a flashlight, using the Flashlight display for iOS allows your kids to maneuver through the darkness without running the risk of falling or coming too close to a car. This free app works on iPhone and iPad, including a compass in order to help lost parties make their way home or to a rendezvous point. Though this app burns through the battery quickly, it allows any driver to see children clearly while the children can see any paths they are on.


For parents who subscribe to the philosophy that an ounce of prevention makes up for a pound of a cure, planning out a trick or treat route helps to minimize the risks of going down unfamiliar streets and crossing unsafe roads. This app, free for both Android and iOS smartphones, ensures kids, parents, and candy providers all know where everyone will be at any given time. With a simple tap-to-share function, moms and dads can give kids a schedule and curfew, list the possibilities for preferred candy, or get the information on costumes and backup costumes.