Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

I’d love to believe the ads I see on TV about fat just melting away with a special pill or diet, but the truth is, we lose fat when we burn more calories each day than we consume, and we burn more calories than we consume when we monitor and control what we eat and when we get up off our behinds and MOVE.

There’s no magic to it; there’s nothing you need to buy, nothing special you need to do.

Eat less. Move more.

How much weight can I lose each week?

Healthy weight loss is the amount of weight you can lose and keep off without compromising your health. For the average woman, that’s roughly 1.5-2 pounds per week. Now, if you’re like my niece and only weigh 100 pounds to begin with, losing 2 pounds a week isn’t a good idea. If you’re on the heavy side with your fair share of extra fat, it’s likely you can safely lose more (you should ALWAYS seek the guidance of a medical professional to determine YOUR best weight loss goals).

What is healthy weight loss?

Consider healthy weight loss to be more of a percentage than a number. If you’re 100 pounds and try to lose 10% of your body weight in a month, you would only weigh 90 pounds, which might be too much. But if you’re 250 pounds (the average weight of a size 16 woman) and lose 10% of your body weight in a month, you’d still weight 225, so it’s a more reasonable progression.

If you really want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to find that healthy balance for your body where you’re burning more calories than you consume but still incorporating healthy habits that allow you to maintain the weight loss you achieve.