Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

No matter where your starting point might be, everyone seems to have the goal of fast weight loss. We live in an immediate gratification, want-it-now society, so it’s easy to start believing the hype and then being disappointed when the magic weight loss pill didn’t work or the overnight weight loss diet left you rebounding to an even higher weight.  We all would prefer fast, easy weight loss.

Unfortunately, rapid weight loss isn’t lasting weight loss, and making changes to your health that last a lifetime doesn’t happen overnight.

The magic pill doesn’t really work the way it says it will; the fad diet won’t give you the body or the health you seek.

You might want to lose 12 pounds a week, but it’s safer – and easier to keep off – one or two pounds per week. Ask yourself how long it took to gain the weight…and expect it to take just as long to lose it.

Weight loss survival tips:

  • Don’t focus on pounds lost; focus on increasing your energy levels and decreasing your stress
  • Focus on getting up and moving – are you sitting on the couch right now? Get up!
  • Focus on what you eat and why, making everything you consume a conscious choice and not mindless eating

You can achieve your goals, whether to lose weight, build your business, or manage stress more effectively. Stop expecting overnight perfection and start enjoying your journey.