Friendship is something that our children deal with on a daily basis. Children have very fickle friendships and relationships with their friends. One day they can be mad at each other and not even speaking to each other and then the next day they are back to being the best of friends. They have friends at school, friends in the neighborhood, and sometimes friends that they have had to move from and leave behind. Friendships can mean a lot of different things to different people, but being a loyal friend is an essential part of being a good friend.

This is one important aspect that we try to teach our children, how to be a loyal friend. Having friends that are loyal to you and being a loyal friend is a very important part of building meaningful friendships. It takes time to build a friendship and establish and maintain that sense of trust. It is important for children to understand and develop the skills for building and maintaining different types of friendships and relationships with their peers as well as other people in their environment.

Being loyal to friends can be difficult for children to understand and what it truly means to be loyal to someone. We have had a situation recently where our son had a very good friend and they got along great. And then along comes the new friend. This has been a difficult concept to teach to a younger child but a very important lesson, nonetheless. We have had to remind him that just because there is a new friend in the picture doesn’t make the other friend any less important. We have talked about the importance of valuing the friendships that we have already built while still being able to establish new friendships. It is possible for them to co-exist!