Getting Real with Shadra Bruce

Motherhood is a full-time job, and the toughest job you’ll ever have — and it  doesn’t even offer the typical benefits of other full-time work. You don’t get paid vacation time, and there isn’t someone higher up to blame for any mishap. You do the best you can and you love your children unconditionally. But as much as you care for your children, it is important that you remember to care for yourself.

Your children will pick up on your moods, and if you aren’t quite feeling up to that 100th episode of Dora it will show. Your enthusiasm will wane as well as your patience, which can negatively affect the relationship between you and your child. Even if it’s just for a few minutes each day, you need to take some “me time.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean running off to find a babysitter. It could simply be a bubble bath if there is someone around to take over for a few minutes. Or you could indulge in reading a chapter of a novel while that 101st episode runs in the background with your child happily engaged. A few minutes to yourself will make you a happier and more engaged mother, and it will likely to recharge you for hours of engaged time with your kids.

Want to be a better mom? You just have to remember to love yourself.