Getting Real with Tammy Torres

Raise Your Hand If You LOVE Sugar

My hand goes up…Me! Me! Me!

But I can’t eat sugar anymore.

After moping and sabotaging with carbs and sugar, I am using the only thing left in my arsenal: mind over matter. No one likes to be told they aren’t working hard enough, and we have to work hard to get results. I know when I am cheating and being lazy.

Weighing 226 on my 5’6 frame was too much. Being an avid tennis player, biker, and volleyball player should have kept me motivated, but giving in to injury, kids, work, and life became my go-to excuses. Moms do it all the time. We don’t have time … we’re too tired…

Can’t we count chasing toddlers, teenagers, and our grown children around as exercise enough?

I wanted to blame Keto, my doctor, someone for my failure, but my food journal said it all! Sugar in store-bought jerky, in BBQ sauce, in ketchup, in the cherry coke I drank to stay awake or a the baby cone from McDonalds that I couldn’t resist. It all affected my glucose numbers. I thought I could have some sugar, but in my case, it just can’t happen. So, I’m trying to eradicate sugar from my diet.

Every day is trial an error! What food works?  Foods I would never eat are now staples (meat and vegetables, fats). My palate is changing to accept food. I don’t work well with recipes; creative concoctions are my answer. For example, Allen orders a fat-free, sugar-free, skinny latte from our local Dutch Bros. coffee shop. I normally order a Dutch Bro freeze (espresso blended). Now what? I can’t have sugar! Water? Tea? Yuck!

This weekend, I found a no sugar cashew milk made by Silk. And I’ve switched to Adams Smooth Peanut Butter from Skippy. Slowly, the changes will happen.

Try it: Allen’s Cashew PB Cocoa Blend

2 oz of Cashew Milk   (2 carb & 0 sugar)
6 oz Heavy Whipping Cream (0 Carb & 0 sugar)
1 tsp. of unsweetened cocoa (0 carb & o sugar)
1 tsp. Adams peanut butter or peanut butter powder (1 Carb & 1 sugar)
Some sugar free hazelnut (0 carb & 0 sugar)
Add Ice & Blend

Now I can have a smoothie to wake me up. I use it as a breakfast substitute when I get tired of eggs or need dessert at night. And I don’t just go out to eat anymore on a whim. I have to research, journal and explore all your options.

Sugar is the devil!