Guest Contributor

Life is so precious. Why is it that sometimes it takes a major tragedy to help us realize that? It is so important to remember the one true gift we all have is life itself. It is so easy to get caught up in the sort of everyday things and forget that every breath we take we need to be thankful for.

I just watched one of the most amazing, sad, tragic, and yet miraculous Oprah shows I have ever seen. Maybe some of you watched it as well. It was about a woman that had been in a tragic car accident where all three of her children were killed. This couple, in the blink of an eye, lost everything that defined their lives and their purpose for being on this earth. I cannot even begin to fathom what it would be like to lose a child, much less all of the children in your household at once. It has just reminded me how important it is to be thankful for my children, each and every day. Things can truly change without a moments notice. You never know when you will say your last “goodbye” or “have a good day”. I do not ever want to take my time with my children for granted. I hope that this couple has realized the service that they have done for millions of people in sharing their story.

There was a happy ending, nothing short of a miracle, that happened at the end of this tragedy. Almost one year to the day after this tragic accident this couple was blessed with the birth of triplets. Obviously, there will never be anyone that can replace the children they lost but what a true miracle in light of their terrible loss.

We have all been through personal tragedies and loss of loved ones at some point in our lives. Let this be a small reminder to be thankful for today and show the love and appreciation for our loved ones that are still with us. You never know when it could be too late.