MomsGetReal™ Poet Extraordinaire Tammy Bartholomew

The Little Girl

We all have

A princess in our heart

Father the protector

From the start

She’d been hiding

For a long time

Bursting to get out

Not willing to cross the line

Wanting to

Be taken care of

Needing to feel

She was loved

Never to be laughed at

Nor leaning on others

A giver too many

Perfect wife and mother

Many reminded her

Of her human side

Where life is not perfect

Not to run and hide

Most important lesson

The little girl had been taught

The love she needs

Is the love in her heart

She has grown to become

A woman of confidence

Just needs it back

All this to make sense

Make mistakes

Be financially broke

A girl as her best friend

Maybe crack a joke

She can be loyal to all

Trust in others

A good partner

And a great mother

Laugh at herself

Just enjoy life

Smiles on her panties

Not be so uptight

Kids to enjoy

Dreams to come true

Learn to live again

Being true to you know who