Being a parent is a continuous journey of learning. Along the way, I learn something new about my kids on a seemingly daily basis. Each one of my children is a different individual. There are so many differences in their personalities, likes, interests, and temperaments. They require different attention, discipline, and praise. Parenting four children definitely requires some adjusting and modification as parents to ensure that we are providing each of the children what they need. Coming to this realization has been one of the biggest steps towards being the very best parents we can be.

It is so important to really pay attention to the messages that your children are giving you. Kids will tell you, both verbally and with their actions, what they need from you as parents. As parents, we need to be aware and really pay attention to what we are giving to see how it compares with each individual child’s needs. I feel that it is my job as a mother to put in every effort possible to help them grow and develop into well-adjusted, happy, healthy, and successful young adults.

In the scheme of things, we really have such a short time to be a big influence on our children. I look back and cannot believe that my oldest daughter is going to be fourteen this April. I want to know that I have done the very best job as a parent that I can possibly do, and I want my children to feel and see that it is the most important job I have ever had.