Getting Real with Shadra Bruce

The best last-minute gifts you can give are gifts from the heart.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, Valentine’s Day or any other gift-giving moment, homemade giftwrap shows that the gift is from the heart.

Scrapbooking with Kids

Create scrapbook pages with your kids to share with grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Crafts with Kids – Planning a Handmade Year

Veronica Ibarra shares great ideas for keeping the holidays handmade.

Embrace Frugality With a Home Crafted Christmas

Veronica explores more ideas for home crafted holidays.

Crafts with Kids Made Easy with Favorite Art Time Supplies

Veronica provides us with a list of must-have art supplies to keep on hand for your homemade holiday gifts.

Fridge Magnets Make a Frugal but Meaningful Gift

With a few junk-drawer trinkets and some glue, you and your child can work together to make adorable, inexpensive refrigerator magnets as a gift for any occasion.

Crafts for Kids: Hand-Decorated Tees

Start with a t-shirt; add fabric markers and paints … your kids will have a blast making these shirts for everyone in the family!

T-Shirt Pillow

Wanda Morrissey teaches us how to save a favorite t-shirt and turn it into a beloved gift.

Gifts from the Heart: Magnetic Bookmarks

Wanda Morrissey teaches us how to make magnetic bookmarks – a perfect gift any time of year.

Frugal Gifts: Picture Frames

A photo of the kids is one gift that is guaranteed to bring a smile – especially when it is enclosed in a handmade frame the kids can help make.

Make the Day Special with a Coupon Book

This craft is so simple you and your kids won’t even have to make a stop at the craft store first.

Easy to Make Wreaths

Make this fun wreath with your kids – a quick and simple craft for a rainy afternoon. They’re not only easy and fun to make, but they make a fabulous gift, too.