Getting Real with Shadra Bruce

The teenage years are a time when many young people experiment with their growing independence. Sometimes those experiments are with harmful and potentially addictive substances. Parents of teenagers should watch for the following signs that their teens need drug rehab.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the top substances abused by teenagers. Some obvious signs that indicate that a teenager needs to seek help at an addiction recovery center include drinking early in the morning, getting drunk often, and drinking alone. However, many teens may try to hide their alcohol addiction. Other signs of an addiction to alcohol that require drug rehab include blacking out, driving under the influence, and withdrawal symptoms when not drinking. Teenagers who become dependent on alcohol may also experience problems at school or work and may become withdrawn.

2. Cigarettes

The nicotine in cigarettes is another drug to which teens often become addicted to. The most obvious sign of cigarette use is the smell of smoke on your child’s clothing or in their bedroom. Teens who are trying to hide their smoking habit may also chew gum or suck on breath mints obsessively, overuse perfume or cologne, or have yellow teeth despite brushing regularly. An addiction to cigarettes is often difficult to overcome and may required drug rehab intervention from doctors or other professionals.

3. Marijuana

Teens who use alcohol or cigarettes may also experiment with marijuana. Although not as addictive as cigarettes, smoking marijuana can still be harmful. Signs of a marijuana addiction include spending a lot of time getting high, loss of control while using the drug, smoking to relax, choosing and ending friendships based on drug use, and smoking to escape reality. Teens who are addicted to marijuana may need drug rehab at an addiction recovery center.

4. Adderall

Stimulants such as Adderall used legally to treat ADHD are another substance that contemporary teens are abusing. An addiction to a prescription drug such as Adderall is just as serious as an addiction to an illegal substance. Signs that a teenager needs drug rehab for an Adderall addiction include nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, change in appetite, weight loss, paranoia, and hallucinations. Teens who suddenly become hyperproductive may be abusing Adderall and require rehab.

5. Vicodine

Vicodine, or hydrocodone, is another prescription drug that teens abuse. The most obvious sign of a Vicodine addiction is missing drugs. Teens will often steal the medication from their parents’ medicine cabinet or from friends’ houses. Other signs of a Vicodine addiction include drowsiness, an inability to focus, anxiety or paranoia, nausea, and extreme mood swings. A Vicodine overdose can be fatal, so teens addicted to the drug require immediate drug rehab from professionals at an addiction recovery center.