Klein’s Classes, which features “Skills for Students’ Success: Organization, Study, and Writing Skills,” were developed by Audrey Klein. Klein is an author and teacher who was frustrated by the fact that students in her class were hindered in their academics by the lack of basic skills pertinent to success.Students were typically unorganized and had little idea of how to prepare for a writing intensive assignment or exam. Klein created a multi-pronged solution to help students achieve better academic success.

Klein’s Classes offers eight online classes dedicated to helping students gather the tools they need for success in the classroom. There are many different attributes taught such as note taking, effective study skills, and finding your own voice when writing. Tutoring and classes are available at various times that cater to your child’s busy schedule. Klein’s 20 years of teaching experience .

There are different packages available when investing in Klein’s Classes. These essential tools to supplement classroom learning are very affordable and often less expensive than a private tutor. Classes can be bought separately, or as an entire set at a discounted price. The most impressive deal available consists of access to all eight online classes, the Skills for Students’ Success book, and the Student Success Kit. The Skills for Students’ Success book goes hand in hand with the teachings online, and will reinforce what the students have learned.

The Student Success Kit is optimum for learning organization, and is indispensable to students entering a new school year because it also comes with many needed supplies already intact. The handy zip-up binder ensures that everything will stay in place, and the hardcover protects all the important items inside. A calculator, as well as multiple pockets, is built right into the binder and a pencil case already equipped with writing utensils and note cards is included. Colorful tabbed folders make certain that papers are in their proper places and writing paper is present within every section. The Student Success Kit is ready to go the first day of school with everything your student could possibly need.

Klein’s Classes are a must-have for the upcoming school year. Not only will your student be more than prepared with the Student Success Kit, but they will learn all the necessities needed in order to be successful in school. With Klein’s Classes they will go beyond what is taught in the classroom and learn tools that they will be able to implement throughout the rest of their lives.

Audrey Klein  provided me access to her online programs and a student success kit so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.