Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

A friend of mine has a clever daughter, who once asked why Mistletoe only came out around the holidays. What a great question, really. Mistletoe seems like something that would be fun to leave up all year.

I like my friend’s idea better: KISSLETOE!!

KISSLETOE is a unique craft idea that takes the fun of mistletoe and lets you create kissable moments any time of year. All you need to start the project is an assortment of Styrofoam balls and a variety of craft items (scraps or themed items), toothpicks, some craft glue, and your imagination. This is a very kid-friendly project.

You can make different KISSLETOE designs for each holiday and season. Attach Brachs Orange Slices using toothpicks to create a pumpkin KISSLETOE for extra sweet kisses after trick-or-treating. Glue red felt to one of your Styrofoam balls and edge in lace for a romantic Valentine’s Day KISSLETOE. Secure dried flowers or silk flowers to a ball for a beautiful spring KISSLETOE.

OR, grab a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and make a real Kissletoe!

Like my friend’s daughter asked, why should the spirit of Mistletoe kisses only be for Christmas?!