Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

Ok, I get it. Kids are jerks. They are learning how to regulate their tiny bodies with big personalities and emotions, and things are bound to happen. They have no filter, which I really envy sometimes. So, kids are going to fight. They are going to have poor responses to conflict, and they are likely to say something mean or do something physical. I get all of that, and I see it in my own child, and I instantly reprimand and redirect that behavior. With that being said, if your kid is being a punk, we’re going to have problems.

It Takes a Village

If my kid is being a gremlin, whether it be shouting at another child or hitting or pushing, I want other parents to step in. That behavior needs an instant response, and if I didn’t see it or I’m not close enough to respond immediately, by all means, please tell my child to knock it off. It does take a village, and I would love the support of other moms holding my child responsible for her unruly behavior. As long as you aren’t screaming like a crazy person or putting your hands on my child (since you’re still technically a stranger) I’m all for it.

I say this because I won’t hesitate to tell your child to stop being a punk, especially if bad behavior is directed towards my child. I’ll be nice about it, gently reminding everyone involved that we don’t hit, and even redirecting my own child to play with something or someone else if there’s a repeated issue. My child is being taught to know how to behave nicely, regardless of how others behave. I’ll handle the issue in the moment, and I’ll leave you to parent how you will.

This is a No Bully Zone

However. I cannot begin to say how frustrating it is when parents let their young children be bullies. Some kids can take whatever toy they want, push whomever they want, and do whatever they please with no intervention. I’m sorry (not sorry), but I will tell your child to pull it together. Then, I’ll tell my child that she doesn’t have to deal with your child and their crappy attitude. When they come back over to play with a toy, I will send them away, and encourage my own child to do the same. I’ll teach Hallie to use words like “I don’t want to play with you.” Does that sound mean? Good. Because Hallie will only use those words if she has to defend herself, and she wouldn’t have to do that if you would actually step up and do your job.

My child is under no obligation to play with yours. If it’s a public space and everyone is being nice, and Hallie is just being territorial, I’ll let her know that she can’t act like that. If she can’t behave in a public space, then we go home, because Hallie technically doesn’t have to play with other children if she truly doesn’t want to. She doesn’t even need an excuse, because we all need some alone time. This rant is for public spaces, and if you fail to deal with your child in a manner that promotes a healthy environment for everyone, you’ll have to deal with my sass that my child has luckily inherited. My child owes your child nothing, and bullies will not be tolerated. It’s not just kids being kids or boys being boys. Your child is being a jerk, and Hallie and I will both respectfully tell you so.